How to negotiate a better price for car warranty insurance for your brand new Audi

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Now you are ready to buy the car of your dream- the Audi.  The sleek body of your new Audi is a beauty and gives comfortable ride on the road. Enjoy your driving as you can easily place your car in any corner due to your precise steering wheel. Due to the optional four-wheel steering system, maneuvering at low-speed is a breeze and you also add to speed stability.

Most car shoppers are interested to get a great deal in buying car warranty insurance. One wise advice is not to focus much on the price but on the financing, trade-in, extended warranties, of the insurance. One of the main objectives is to buy car warranty insurance for a brand new after negotiating for deal.

Since dealerships generally mark up the cost of an extended warranty, so there's room for negotiation.

Lower warranty for luxury cars

All cars carry some kind of warranty they are not all the same. The usual is three years or 36,000 miles but most luxury cars are given a warranty for four years or 50,000 miles. Since you bought an Audi that is a luxury car, you get more for your money in terms of warranty coverage for your Audi.

About extended warranty

When the warranty of your car expires, you need extended warranty to cover the cost of specified repairs.

Two basic types of extended warranties: (1) Manufacturer-backed up warranty provides for auto repairs from any factory-trained technician from franchised dealership using factory parts; and (2) third party warranty is underwritten by a company other than the manufacturer. Buying a manufacturer-backed up warranty is better than the third party warranty.

Negotiating for extended warranty at lower price

(1) While you are in the office to claim your new Audi, the F&I manager is already advising you to purchase an extended warranty. Since you will be keeping your Audi for years, the extended warranty bought at the time of purchase will be a better deal as the cost of the warranty can be included into car’s financing. An alternative from paying cash is to utilize financing and off-set an amount in your monthly car payment. Some dealers, however, only on extended warrant will you be granted zero-percent financing. Ask for the possibility of this discount from the F&I manager.

(2) However, an extended warranty may not be purchased at the same time you bought your car in the finance office. Before the standard factory warranty expires, you can negotiate for an extended warranty any time. This arrangement gives you added time to look for the best price. Do not wait too long to buy extended warranty when the first one expires. Your vehicle might be disqualified for an extension or your coverage might be limited.

 (3) Opt for extended warranties with deductible. Choose from either deductible paid per-visit or deductible per-repair. With your acceptance of a steer clear of per-repair deductibles, the initial price of the warranty is low. Get the deduction offered by a warranty company for repairing or replacing parts or replaced even if they are the same problem for they are fixed in a single service visit.

Since you will likely keep the Audi beyond the limits of the warranty that came with the car, you better purchase an extended warranty of your peace of mind especially if you negotiate for a better price.

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